That’s why you should never accept the first hotel room assigned to you

Each of us has experienced hotel disappointment . You arrive in what you thought would be a wonderful place to stay, and then end up in a corner room on the first floor, overlooking the parking lot and infested with the smell of cigarette.

Advice from the expert: this is the reason why you should ALWAYS ask to change rooms after seeing the first one offered to you .

Often, the second room assigned (or the third or fourth, if you are a stubborn type) is much, much better than the first. All you need is a small investigation in order to get the best, even if it is not what was initially obtained.

The recommendation is simple:

If you are not satisfied with the room that has been allocated to you, then it is worth asking for the change.

After checking the assignment object, go to the front desk and ask if there is anything they can do to meet your needs. Hotels often give customers the most basic room in the price range, says Zach Honig , editor-in-chief of The Points Guy.

It is conceivable that hotels behave in this way to keep the best rooms in store for those guests who claim or have special needs (that is, guests like you).

Honig says he would never ask for a room change without first seeing the first assignment, and that’s exactly what we would recommend to everyone.

After seeing the room in person, you can highlight problems such as lack of light, the presence of a strange smell or noisy neighbors, so as to support the request for a new arrangement.

“Providing an explanation for why a change would be preferable can make a difference,” Honig told HuffPost. “For example, if you want to spend a lot of time working from the hotel room, you can explain that extra space would be useful to make the accommodation a more comfortable work environment, so you could get a bigger room or suite. “.