Cultural customs of Haiti that you should be aware of

You are looking forward for your holiday at Haiti, one of the popular tropical islands in the world. However, there are many people that have a misunderstanding about Haiti. This isn’t the normal tropical islands where luxury and comfort are the key. This is a whole, completely different destination. And, even if this is a great place for a holiday, there are some cultural customs and other information that you need to know about, before you can decide that Haiti is your next destination.

Safety concerns of people going to Haiti

There are so many negative comments about Haiti over the news and television, that it can give the wrong impression to many people. Yes, just like any other country, this country has some problems, but you as a tourist don’t need to be afraid if you are considering their customs.

The people of Haiti are actually friendly people and if you are friendly to them, you will make friends that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Greeting people in the street will make you a popular tourist

People of Haiti are friendly most of the time. And, when you are learning how to greet time in their language in the street, you will become popular and people will respect you and really welcome you in their town.

However, if you are one of those people that don’t like greeting people, you will not be welcomed in the town, and you might not win the people of Haiti over.

Be aware of taking photos of the people in Haiti

One thing that you need to know about these people, is that they don’t like it when there are photos that are getting taken from them. You need to make friends with them first, and you need to ask them for permission to take photos before you can get them to agree to stand for a photo for you.

Too many journalists were taking negative photos in the past, and that makes them afraid to stand for a photo. You need to respect that and make sure that you are getting familiar with a person before you can ask them for a photo.

Their foods are delicious and different from what you know

Something that not many people know is that the food of Haiti is strangely delicious. They have a combination of food that you will not find at many different cuisines. And, this is really delicious that you will eat. And, no matter how hard you are going to try, it will not taste the same when you are preparing the food at home.

Haiti. A tropical paradise that many people is too afraid to go to. If you know their cultural customs and you know how to talk to them, you will not have any problem with the locals. However, they are afraid of taking photos and they don’t like it when people don’t greet them. With this information, you are going to have the best time ever, when visiting Haiti.