6 job listings offering the chance to travel the world for free (according to Forbes)

man photographing baby elephant with his mobile phone camera in Chitwan national park, Nepal

Creativity, talent and passion for travel: on the internet it is always easier to come across job advertisements that require these three characteristics to candidates, offering them the chance to travel the world and tell the route from an unprecedented point of view. For those who leave there is the opportunity to practice for a while a dream job, for companies to advertise their brand in an original way, especially through social channels.

The experience generally lasts a few months, but it could be the right starting point to lay the foundations for an enviable and out of the ordinary career. For those who love to write, photograph or play – and of course travel – the Forbes website has collected these six job advertisements, still looking for the right candidate.

1. For travel vloggers


On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of its creation, Pacsafe, a company that produces equipment and clothing for travelers, has established Be More Costest: the lucky winner of this competition will win two weeks of vacation in a destination of his choice in every part of the world, in the company of a professional photographer and a videomaker to tell the views, stories and experiences encountered along the way. The chosen one will receive a pacsafe value of $ 1,000. “We want you to plan your dream trip and inspire others to live a less ordinary life,” reads the announcement. Candidates are asked to send a video of a minute explaining why they are the right people and what will be the added value of their planned holiday. There is time until March 9th.
2. For digital nomads

A trip (salaried) in four countries of the world for four months to discover and tell the lives of remote employees abroad. Fiverr , an online company that offers services for freelance workers, is looking for a “Chief Digital Nomad”, which will accompany a community of professionals in different contexts and environments. In each city they will have access for a week to all the coworking spaces, free accommodation and can explore the host city. The aim is to collect advice from remote workers from all over the world, to allow those who follow the journey to sneak secret and improve their performance. The possibility of sending an application expires on 25 February.

3. For travel bloggers


World Nomads , a company that provides travel insurance, is seeking three aspiring travel bloggers to explore the history, culture and landscapes of Argentina. The winners will attend a four-day seminar in Buenos Aires with a professional travel writer and contributor to the New York Times, who will provide them with the right advice to make the most of this opportunity. Each winner will stay for 10 days in a different region. The judges seek great descriptive skills, attention to detail and a talent to avoid clich├ęs and to participate must send a story of 2500 words that respond to the following topics: “Create a local connection”, “The last thing I would have expected” or “A decision that pushed me to the limit”.
4. For those who love documentaries


The Development Associates International offers the winner of a contest the opportunity to travel to Cameroon for the summer 2018, in order to document the impact that the company has had on the community. The trip will be taken over by a professional director. To be selected, you need to upload a three-minute video on Vimeo or YouTube (by April 1st) which explains how a famous person or professor has had a positive influence on his life or that of an acquaintance. The candidate will have to convince the jury to be the right choice.
5. For photographers


Lovers of photography of all ages and experiences will do well not to miss the opportunity offered by the Sony World Photography Awards . The winners of the 10 categories will see their photo exhibited at the Somerset House in London, will participate in several international exhibitions and could win a job with Sony. Registration opens in June.

6. For musicians


For nine non-professional musicians there is the possibility to perform on international stages, winning a competition. To offer this opportunity is the Six String Theory , an online platform that gives visibility to the singers, and now asks candidates to send a video, to win the opportunity to perform in many festivals and stages around the world, including the NAM of Las Vegas, Tokyo’s Blue Nore and the Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Candidates must be “non-professional musicians”, that is, they can perform in clubs and give music lessons, but their income does not have to depend entirely on these activities. From 31 May it will be possible to apply and travel will start in the summer.